Marsh Award for Volunteering with NADFAS

This is a new Award run in association with The National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS). The Award recognises volunteers from some of the organisations’ 365 local societies across the UK, working to help conserve the decorative and fine arts in their local area. The Award is presented to one group and one individual winner.

NADFAS is a leading arts charity which opens up the world of the arts through a network of local Societies and national events.

Pictured right: 2013 Individual Award winner, Janet Fairbrother

The 2013 winners are Janet Fairbrother and The Bolton Church Recorders

Individual - Janet Fairbrother

Janet has been responsible for Young Arts in the Croydon Decorative and Fine Arts Society (CDFAS) since 2008. In that time she has encouraged more than 1500 pupils in thirteen Primary schools in the London Borough of Croydon to become actively involved in arts projects both in and out of school time. The projects supported have included the renovation of a kiln to produce decorated pots, making mosaics for external walls, designing and making a tapestry to celebrate a school anniversary, and making an animation film.

Janet says, “The most rewarding part of being the Young Arts representative has been seeing the children working out their ideas and developing new skills and techniques with such obvious enjoyment.” In many schools, parents and grandparents have assisted in the work being done by their children.

Janet has given talks and written articles on her work to increase interest and raise awareness and as a result every primary school in Croydon is now aware of the work of NADFAS. She is totally committed, voluntarily giving hours of support to the schools, and has consequently acquired for NADFAS very positive publicity in the Croydon community. Croydon Decorative Fine Arts Society members have responded well to her commitment, showing a willingness to make voluntary contributions to Young Arts. She is a great asset to the Society.

Group - The Bolton Church Recorders

The Bolton Church Recording Group, pictured above, has developed as a committed and enthusiastic team of amateurs achieving a high standard of church recording and willing to help other Groups. The Group has developed a wide expertise in the various aspects of recording, and, thanks to training and development, is able to solve many of the intricate problems of recording from within its own resources, whether that be about an organ, silverware, textiles, memorials, stained glass, or the many other items found in churches.

The Group is proud of the high standard of content and presentation of its records to date which have been much admired. Each of the records produced is deposited in several archives and is a valuable resource, describing in detail an important part of England's heritage and assisting churches to understand the nature and cultural value of their assets.

The Bolton Group has extended help to others - the Group Leader being active in the provision of assistance and training offered to all Groups in the North West of England, and the Bolton Group photographers running a course for church photographers from across the region.

The Group has developed a strong team spirit, visiting other churches and Groups, learning together at training days, as well as enjoying social activities together.


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