Marsh Award for Peacemaking & Peacekeeping in Partnership with Wilton Park

This Award is run in partnership with Wilton Park and recognises an individual from outside the UK making an innovative difference to areas of conflict and peacemaking. The Award may be presented to a journalist, advocacy group, or any other practitioner in the field, working in a conflict or post-conflict region.

Wilton Park is an international forum for strategic discussion. The organisation brings together leading representatives from the worlds of politics, diplomacy, academia, business, civil society, the military and the media, and initiates discussions on issues of international security, prosperity and justice.

Nominations for the Award are judged by members of the Wilton Park Advisory Council and the Marsh Christian Trust.

The 2014 winner is Elizabeth Henry Angok

Elizabeth Henry Angok is the Regional Director for the South Sudan Mother and Child Care Organisation. Based in the Northern Bahr El Ghazal state of South Sudan, the organisation works for the prevention and protection against sexual violence and enables victims and survivors to have better access to justice and health.

The long term civil war and subsequent independence of South Sudan has meant that sexual violence and child sexual abuse are common crimes. The Mother and Child Care Organisation works with internally displaced women and children, who are victims of these crimes.
The organisation partners with the United Nations Development Programme in South Sudan on the rule of law and follows up with sexual violence cases to serve justice. They also work with the American Refugee Committee in return camps offering psychosocial support and counselling to victims.

The South Sudan Mother and Child Care Organisation has been extremely successful in tackling the issue of sexual violence. Awareness of sexual abuse is rising to court members, chiefs and community leaders, while there is a better understanding within communities on the rule of law and access to justice.

Elizabeth Angok’s work in tackling sexual violence on a grassroots community level has been highly influential and has helped to bring about significant positive changes.


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