Marsh Lifetime Achievement Award with RBST

This Award is run in partnership with the Rare Breed’s Survival Trust (RBST) and recognises an individual for their outstanding and long term commitment to RBST and to the conservation of rare breeds.

The importance of preserving rare and native breeds is paramount to developing a sustainable farming system, as well as preserving our heritage. The Award recognises those who have shown dedication to these concepts throughout their lifetime, and have worked tirelessly to support the conservation of rare and local livestock, as well traditional methods of farming. Quite often the efforts of these individuals extend into supporting other aspects of the community and in doing so reinforce the principles of conservation and heritage.

Pictured on the right is a Gloucester breed of cattle

The 2013 winner is Ron Foster

Ron Foster has, over the years, kept at least 40 rare breeds including poultry, pigs and Kerry, Longhorn and British White cattle.

Ron joined RBST in 1973 in order to help protect rare breeds in Yorkshire from extinction and since then has been an active member of the organisation, especially at a grassroots level. He has many times spoken about the Blisdale Blue and White Pig, which was known to be the most popular in North Yorkshire during the war years, but became extinct through breed crossing within three to four years.

Ron has sat on many committees relating to farming at a National and local level, and was for a long time Chairman of the York RBST Group. He has taken part in numerous local shows, often acting as a steward, and has regularly provided impressive displays of rare poultry. He has also encouraged show committees to allow a rare breed classes showcasing to the public RBST’s work.

Ron is well respected amongst local farmers as someone who has remained true to his passion for rare breeds over the years, making him the ideal recipient of this Award.

Pictured above - Ron Foster (right) with David Booker (left) presenting the Award


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Previous Winners:

2012 Eric Freeman and Robin Otter

2011 John Brigg