Marsh Lifetime Achievement Award with RBST

This Award is run in partnership with the Rare Breed’s Survival Trust (RBST) and recognises an individual for their outstanding and long term commitment to RBST and to the conservation of rare breeds.

The importance of preserving rare and native breeds is paramount to developing a sustainable farming system, as well as preserving our heritage. The Award recognises those who have shown dedication to these concepts throughout their lifetime, and have worked tirelessly to support the conservation of rare and local livestock, as well traditional methods of farming. Quite often the efforts of these individuals extend into supporting other aspects of the community and in doing so reinforce the principles of conservation and heritage.

Pictured on the right is a Gloucester breed of cattle

The 2012 winners are Eric Freeman and Robin Otter

Eric Freeman

Eric is a Gloucestershire farmer, broadcaster and raconteur who breeds Gloucester cattle, Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, Cotswold sheep, heavy horses, poultry and waterfowl and grows local varieties of apples and pears. He promotes, endorses and encourages others to preserve and maintain our agricultural heritage. He supports the traditional methods of farming and the conservation of rare and native breeds of livestock.

Eric is a founder member of the Gloucester Cattle Society; he has been its President and remained the longest serving council member, retiring in 2009. He is also a founder member of the Gloucestershire Old Spots Breeders Club. He has worked tirelessly to promote their qualities; continually conducts talks, farm walks and encourages all to share his passion.

Eric was one of the earliest members of RBST and a member of the volunteer RBST Gloucestershire Support Group until its closure. His enthusiasm and determination have been an inspiration to those who work with him in this field.

Robin Otter

Robin has dedicated a great amount of time and effort to the voluntary sector, alongside his professional career. He has been Governor of Tewksbury Abbey School and Alderman Knight School Tewkesbury. He has spent 20 years on the council of the Three Counties Agricultural Society and was a council member of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust during the innovative years of the 1970s and again in the early 1990s. His enthusiasm and determination helped guide these societies to achieve great success.

Robin is a Founder member of the Gloucester Cattle Society and its first President, while he has spent nearly 25 years on the council of the society. He and his wife have founded the Kemerton Herd of Gloucester cattle, which has had a huge influence in preserving and promoting Gloucester cattle and continues to do so.

A Life member of RBST, his fervour and steadfast contribution to the conservation of rare breeds have been noteworthy.

Pictured above: Eric Freeman, photograph attributed to Linda Trotman


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