Marsh International Animal Welfare Award

This Award is run in partnership with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) and recognises a significant advancement in animal welfare by one or more animal welfare groups around the world.

WSPA works to tackle animal cruelty across the globe, working directly with animals, people and organisations to ensure that animals are treated with respect and compassion.

The 2014 winner is Change for Animals Foundation

Change for Animals Foundation is a dynamic organisation formed by a group of some of the most experienced animal welfare professionals. They initiate and support change in order to improve the lives of animals throughout the world.

The organisation has established wide-ranging international partnerships and has achieved some impressive results. They have been instrumental to the movement against the dog meat trade. As a leading member of the Asian Canine Protection Alliance, they have developed working relationships with the Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai and Laos governments to tackle the issue.

Change for Animals Foundation has also partnered with Animais de Rua in Portugal, providing them with training and organisational advice and allowing them to further their reach in protecting stray animals.

Maria Pinto Teixeira, President of the Board at Animais de Rua, says:
‘Change for Animals Foundation has been fundamental in our growth from a small local organisation to a strong national charity…We couldn’t be more grateful for their constant help and support.’

Change for Animals Foundation runs a number of other projects by joining forces with expert organisations around the world. Despite being a young organisation and operating with limited funds, they have made significant advancements in international animal welfare.

To find out more about the work of organisation, visit their website at -

Pictured Right:

Top - Harry Eckman, CFAF co founder, conducting a dog population management street survey in Nepal
Middle - Lola Webber, CFAF co founder, with dogs at a dog meat market in South Korea
Bottom - Harry Eckman providing cat training to animal welfare volunteers in Portugal


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