Marsh Award for Insect Conservation

The Award recognises an outstanding contribution to the field of insect conservation and is run in partnership with the Royal Entomological Society. The Award has been running since 2002 and is awarded annually.

In 2007 an additional Award was made to Prof Lincoln Brower in recognition of his lifetime's work in insect conservation.

Pictured right: Sea-clubrush hoverfly Lejops vittatahis. Photograph credited to Steven J Falk, 2012 Award winner

The 2014 winners are The Malloch Society

The Malloch Society was established in 1986 and was formed by a small group of 10-15 amateur and professional entomologists, devoting their spare time to the study of Diptera (flies). Over the years, the Society has worked on the gaps in knowledge relevant to fly conservation, focusing on topics that would otherwise risk being neglected.

The Malloch Society has undertaken a wide range of studies such as mapping the distribution of hoverflies in Scotland, determining which species are of conservation concern, and carrying out surveys of territories which were previously of unknown significance for flies.
Some of their most important work has been on Biodiversity Action Plan flies and saproxylic (decaying wood) faunas. Having confirmed that the Aspen Hoverfly was confined to few places in Scotland, the Society members investigated its life history and ecology, which set the groundwork for a PhD on this fly. In that groundwork study, they revealed an associated fauna, including species which were new to science.

The Society has played a significant part in the study of the Scottish Hoverfly, and pursued valuable research into the saproxylic faunas more broadly. Members have published at least 36 papers on the subject, some stemming from studies abroad. The Malloch Society stands among the leading authorities in Europe on saproxylic faunas and applied conservation on the subject.

Pictured above:
Top – The Malloch Society on a field trip in Cumbria
Bottom – Lab work during a field trip in Galicia, Spain


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