Marsh Volunteer Award for Historic Vessel Conservation

This Award is run in partnership with National Historic Ships, the official voice for historic vessels in the United Kingdom.

This award regonises those who have made a valuable contribution to the conservation, or operation of historic vessels in the UK and is an opportunity to recognise and thank outstanding volunteers.

Pictured above: National Historic Ships 2011 flagship 'Swan', based in the Shetland Islands.

The 2013 winners are James Dulson & George Collinson, and Roger Mallinson

James Dulson and George Collinson

James and George epitomise the vital and longstanding contributions that volunteers make to the conservation and maintenance of historic vessels. They volunteer at National Museums Liverpool (NML) - James has worked as a volunteer for 27 years and George has done so for 15 years. During that time, they have played a crucial role in the preservation of various historic vessels, and particularly, the Edmund Gardner vessel. They have taken part in countless tasks, such as painting the hull, sanding the woodwork and cleaning and washing the decks. One of their current projects is the sanding and painting of the Gardner’s replica lifeboats.

Ian Murphy, Deputy Director at the Maritime Museum has commented on the work of the two volunteers saying, “Historic vessels like Edmund Gardner require a huge amount of work to maintain. Jimmy and George’s contribution over the decade is incredible, and has been a vital factor in preserving the ship. Their enthusiasm and skills are appreciated by everyone involved with the Edmund Gardner and NML’s other historic vessels.”

Roger Mallinson

Roger has been instrumental to the restoration of the 1906 SL Shamrock vessel. His work on this project began in 1976, when he rescued the boat from destruction, recognising her historical value to Windermere. Roger’s first memories of the boat date back to when he was a child and would take trips on the boat on the lake. He returned the vessel to steam and has operated and maintained it ever since, first on his own and now under the Shamrock Trust. Rogers has worked from memory to advise the Museum on the vessel’s restoration. He is also a skilled engineer and has designed and built Shamrock’s engines. He is always advised by Museum staff when they are carrying out engineering tasks. Roger is highly respected by staff, volunteers and other consultants and is a great mentor, helping others involved in the restoration of the boat to develop their expertise. He has worked with the Museum to document the history of the vessel and the lake and is keen to pass on his knowledge to other members of the community and younger generations. Roger's lifelong commitment to this work is truly inspirational.

Pictured above: Top - James Dulson & George Collinson working on the Edmund Gardner’s replica lifeboats
Below - Roger Mallinson working on the engine of the Osprey vessel, photograph credited to Lakeland Arts


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Previous Winners:

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