Marsh Fountain of the Year Award

This Award pays tribute to the best new or newly restored fountain or water feature and all those who have worked tirelessly to bring the project to life.

The Award is run in partnership with the Fountain Society, which encourages the active restoration, use and development of fountains, cascades and water features. The Society undertakes research and works with a variety of bodies and designers, providing them with technical advice and helping them in their campaigns to conserve and develop fountains, for the creative and artistic use of water for the public and private good.

The 2013 winner is The Fountain Workshop for City Park, Bradford

City Park is a high-quality, six-acre public space in the heart of Bradford which contains the largest man-made water feature in any UK city. City Park provides a landscape comprising fountains, trees and attractive green spaces making an ideal environment for walking, relaxing and quiet contemplation. It is a critical part of Bradford’s regeneration and has been designed to bring jobs and prosperity to Bradford by attracting visitors and businesses into the district and helping to create the landscape for future investment.

City Park's 4,000sq m mirror pool features more than 100 fountains, including the tallest in any UK city at 30m (100ft), laser light projectors and mist effects designed and installed by Fountain Workshop. This unique feature reflects and showcases the Grade 1-listed City Hall and sets Bradford apart. City Park and the mirror pool in particular is an adaptable environment which is capable of holding events such as carnivals, markets, theatre productions, screenings and community festivals.

Pictured above: City Park Fountain


The Public Monuments and Sculpture Association
70 Cowcross Street