Marsh European Lepidoptera Award

This Award was presented for the first time in 2009. Run in partnership with Butterfly Conservation the Award aims to
recognise the efforts of those whose work has had a major and positive impact on butterfly and moth conservation within Europe.

Butterfly Conservation is a national charity working to protect threatened butterflies and moths in the UK and elsewhere.

The 2013 winner is Professor Ilkka Hanski

Professor Hanski of Helsinki University, Finland, is one of the foremost biologists of our age. His career to date consists of approximately 30 academic awards and prizes, and he is a prominent figure in numerous committees, meetings and conferences world-wide. Professor Hanski has been responsible for the career development of more than 70 academics, many of whom now have international reputations in their own right, and has over 300 publications to his name.

Professor Hanski’s research has focussed on population regulation, population dynamics, mechanisms of coexistence in communities, and especially metapopulation biology. He is best known, of course, in Butterfly Conservation circles for his research on the Åland islands, where he chose butterflies, specifically the Glanville fritillary, as a model animal for his research, to develop the concepts and practical applications for metapopulations.

This vitally important work, referred to as the Metapopulation Research Group [MRG], represents a massive shift from previous approaches and has enabled conservation organisations to develop firm management plans for changes to animal populations in the face of the degeneration of species and climate change. This work has required immense technical expertise, careful exacting research, imaginative experiments, all of which Professor Hanski has achieved.

Pictured above: Professor Hanski carrying out work in the field


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