Marsh Award for Insect Conservation

2006 - Dr Martin Warren

Without the work of Dr Martin Warren, Chief Executive of Butterfly Conservation, many species, populations and ecosystems across Europe and the temperate world would be under greater threat than they are today.

Of particular note have been his painstaking ecological studies and practical involvement in halting and reversing the steep decline of the Heath Fritillary butterfly population (pictured right), originally predicted for national extinction by 1990.

Thanks in large part to Dr Warren’s work, and despite years of personal hardship without any significant funding, today large metapopulations of butterfly flourish in five UK regions. This is only the second successful example of targeted science based conservation of an insect in the world, and has helped to lay the foundations for numerous similar studies being funded and carried out worldwide.

Commenting on his award, Dr Warren said: “I’m honoured to receive such an important award from the Marsh Christian Trust and the Royal Entomological Society. I am delighted to do so, on behalf of all who work for conservation, especially of our butterflies.” (Press release 2006)


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