Marsh Award for Climate Change Research

The Marsh Award for Climate Change Research run in association with the British Ecological Society. It is awarded for an outstanding contribution to climate change research. The Award is an honorarium of £1,000 plus a certificate and is open to ecologists from anywhere in the world.

Ecology’s purpose is to provide knowledge about the way the world works and provide evidence on the interdependence between the natural world and people. Never before has ecology been more important. A better understanding of ecological systems will allow society to predict the consequences of human activity on the environment.

Established in 1913 by professional ecologists, the British Ecological Society (BES) promotes and fosters the study of ecology in its widest sense. The BES is well placed to support areas of excellence and most need within the field of ecology and over the past 100 years has developed and supported activities to do this.

The 2013 Professor Johan Rockström

Johan Rockström, pictured right, is internationally renowned in Climate Change research and policy, through his leadership of the Stockholm Environment Institute from 2004-12, and currently as director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre. He has published >100 papers, amongst which are his innovative ideas surrounding the Planetary Boundaries framework for human development in the face of rapid global change. In 2009, he was named "Swede of the Year" by Fokus magazine for "engaging and exciting work in sustainable development”, and in 2010, he was ranked the most influential person in Sweden on environmental issues. Johan is also vice-chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and chairs the visioning process on global environmental change of ICSU, the Future Earth transition team. For his contributions to Climate Change research and policy, it is appropriate for the British Ecological Society and the Marsh Christian Trust to recognise Johan’s achievements with this award.


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