Marsh Award For Civic Societies

This Award is in partnership with Civic Voice, it recognises the outstanding contribution made by a Civic Society to the Civic Movement.

Civic Societies bestow a focus for voluntary and community action to renovate the places where people live.

Civic Voice is the national charity for the civic movement in England. They make places more attractive, enjoyable and distinctive. They promote civic pride.

The 2013 winners are Addingham Civic Society and The Ramsgate Society

This year, due to the high standard of nominations received, two winners were selected for this Award. Both Addingham Civic Society and the Ramsgate Society have shown great commitment to the heritage and people of their local communities through their work and were therefore very worthy winners of this Award.

Addingham Civic Society

Addingham Civic Society works to safeguard the quality of life of all those living in the village of Addingham.

In June 2012, the Society had the vision of creating a much needed Multi-Use Games Area in their local area. They raised £125,000 in order to do so and now the games area has been opened to the public. It is used by everyone in the village, including local schools and sports clubs as well as individuals and families. The Society has complete responsibility for the general management of the facility and is recruiting more and more volunteers to help run and manage the area.

The Ramsgate Society

The Ramsgate Society is based in the seaside town of Ramsgate, in Kent, and has been caring for Ramsgate's architectural heritage and its people since 1964.

The Ramsgate Society is being awarded for initiating and driving a highly successful project to restore 14 Edwardian seaside shelters in Ramsgate which were in a dilapidated state and in danger of being lost. To do this they raised over £54,000 themselves and partnered other organisations to secure further funding in the sum of £450,000. In addition they were granted a 24 year lease on all fourteen huts to prevent them falling into disrepair once again. Now that these shelters are useable again, they are frequented by many members of the public, both young and old.

Pictured above:

Top - The opening of one of the seaside shelters restored by the Ramsgate Society
Below - Addingham Society's Multi-Use Games Area


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Previous Winners:

2012 Highgate Society

2011 the Wimbledon Society