Marsh Volunteer Award with the Churches Conservation Trust

The Marsh Volunteer Award with the Churches Conservation Trust aims to recognise a volunteer or group of volunteers who go above and beyond what is expected of them, contributing to their local Friends of the Conservation Trust Group and their local community.

Photo:courtesy of the Churches Conservation Trust

The 2013 winners are Janet Townsend Stojic, Martin Evans, Rowena Tulloch and The Friends of Old Christ Church

National Impact Award - Janet Townsend Stojic

This year an overall Award was presented to a volunteer who has made a particularly valuable contribution to the Churches Conservation Trust in helping to ensure its future success and vitality.

Janet has given a great amount of her time to volunteering with the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT). She has worked to develop business processes in Volunteer Management, Events Management and Project Planning and has also helped with the strategic developments of the organisation. As well as giving her technical expertise and time, Janet has been on the lookout for ways in which the CCT can improve all aspects of its work, including the website, work taking place on-site in churches, and public relations. Janet’s enthusiasm is noticed by all those working alongside her and she is considered a pleasure to work with.

The Award also recognised three regional winners

South East: Martin Evans

Martin and the Friends of St Mary’s Bungay, in Suffolk, have created a new multi-purpose room with facilities to help improve the appeal of the church for events and activities. Martin has approached the project with determination and enthusiasm, being responsible for the briefing, design, funding and implementation aspects of it. This has been an inspirational volunteer lead project which has improved the Church’s facilities for present and future generations.

West: Rowena Tulloch

Rowena has worked on several major projects with the CCT’s West of England team, including writing a full interpretation plan and paper for Inglesham Church, running a conservation open day for the public and helping the conservation manager with a wallpaper project. She has a positive and enthusiastic attitude to her role and has been a great help to the team she has worked with.

North: The Friends of Old Christ Church, Waterloo

The Friends of the Old Christ Church have, over the last seven years, succeeded to bring a redundant church back into almost full community use, attracting over 30,000 visitors every year. Initially dependent upon charitable funding, the Friends are now virtually self-supporting. They provide an extensive range of activities including fairs, concerts, festivals and art exhibitions which not only benefit the wider community, but also support the Trust in funding repairs.

Pictured above from top to bottom: Janet Townsend Stojic, Friends of Waterloo, Friends of St Mary's Bungay


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