Marsh Award for Carers

The Marsh Award for Carers, run in partnership with the Carers Trust, recognises carers or former carers for their outstanding contribution to volunteering.

It provides an exciting opportunity to give back to carers or former carers who have contributed to supporting other carers in their community.

As well as one National winner, the Award recognises 9 regional winners from across the UK.

The 2014 winner is Krish Venkatraman

Krish is an exceptional individual who has not only grasped the role of a primary family carer but has also sought to use his personal experience for the wider benefit of his community.

Krish cares for his son who was born with cerebral palsy 40 years ago, and his wife who recently developed a heart condition. He has also provided care for an elderly neighbour during the final year of her life.

In 2001, following encouragement from the C.E.O. of Reading Crossroads, Krish became a Trustee as a ‘carer representative’ and has taken on a number of roles over the past years. Initially he joined the fundraising committee helping with presentations and arranging cultural evenings to raise funds. His focus has always been to enable the provision of respite care, through the development of clubs, in order to provide opportunities for those being cared for and relief for their carers.

Since taking on the role of Chair of Trustees in 2005, Krish has continued his active engagement in fundraising and his regular attendance at Carers’ clubs. He always finds time to help out at the marketing stalls and at various events. His personal experience has proved invaluable in communicating with other carers and in prompting the care provided by Reading Crossroads.

As Chair of the Trustees, Krish has represented Reading Crossroads at national meetings and at local Carers’ Week and Carers’ Rights Day events. He has been a constant source of support and inspiration for the organisation’s staff and for carers in his community.

Pictured above is Krish with his wife and son


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Previous Winners:

2013 Carina Andrews

2012 Doris Mason