Marsh Volunteer Award with Addaction

Addaction is the UK's leading specialist drug and alcohol treatment charity. They offer a wide range of addiction services in England and Scotland, which are free and confidential. Addaction not only help individuals recover from their dependency but also offer support to those closest to them. Working with families and loved ones is a major part of Addaction’s treatment ethos.

We run this Award to recognise the volunteers who work with Addaction to help them achieve this and transform the lives of people affected by drug and alcohol problems.

The 2013 winner is Jim Henderson

Jim Henderson

Jim has been a volunteer in the drug and alcohol sector for almost 14 years. He joined Addaction Fife just over a year ago, where he assists with the safe and effective running of the Needle Exchange Programme. Jim has taken on a whole range of roles, from meeting with service users to liaising with partner agencies and promoting the Needle Exchange Programme. He has also been responsible for creating an Addaction Volunteer Newsletter, ‘Attraction for Addaction’, which is now being developed for the second year round.

Jim’s commitment to providing care and support to people with addictions goes above and beyond his set roles. Most recently he volunteered to pair up with a service user on bus journeys in order to help him overcome his anxieties with people and travel.
Jim is a true ambassador for the service and has proven himself to be a dedicated part of the Addaction team, willing to work wherever and whenever he can – in his own words, ‘I would support the team 8 days a week if I could.’ He is therefore most deserving of this Award.

4 regional Awards were also presented. Jim Henderson won the Award for Scotland and the other three winners are:

South West of England - Michael Hussey

Mike has been a great addition to the Addaction team in Exeter. He has provided valuable assistance to support groups for service users, showing understanding and empathy towards clients. He has also been a real ambassador for Addaction during the tendering process and has worked well in partnership with other organisations. He is always there to step in when other volunteers are unavailable and provides much support to new volunteers joining the team. Through his efforts, Mike highlights how much volunteers can contribute locally to Addaction’s work.

North and East of England - Ian Jefferson

Ian is a volunteer with a fundamental belief that service users can recover from addictions. He has taken a lead role in the Ex Forces Group, supporting and assisting former veterans who have developed stress, depression and addiction problems. Ian has found funding to set up a Tea and Toast Group, which has been successful in engaging hard to reach service users and offers an informal space where people can gather and meet with their peers. He has also designed and sourced the promotional materials for the group himself. Ian is calm, friendly, supportive and respectful and has made a real impact on the lives of the people he supports.

North West of England - Gary Wheeler

Gary volunteers for Addaction’s Young Addiction Services in Liverpool. He has provided much help to the team and has shown great abilities in supporting client groups and shadowing staff. This was particularly the case when Gary was working with a young service user with learning disabilities. Gary was able to make him feel comfortable and through a robust recovery plan ensure that the young person’s substance misuse, social and psychological needs were met. The young person said that because of Gary’s help, he was able to improve his relationship with his family. Gary has shown a can do attitude, becoming involved in all aspects of the service, and is a truly valuable volunteer.

Pictured above: Brian Marsh with the four winners
Top left: Jim Henderson; Top Right: Mike Hussey; Bottom Left: Gary Wheeler; Bottom Right: Ian Jefferson


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Previous Winners:

2012 Daniel Colbeck - National Winner